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Yesterday, we reacted to the terrible proposed deal Gov. Cuomo and the New York Democratic Party have made to the Independent Democratic Conference (IDC).

They thought the grassroots — made up of dozens of New York–based activist groups who fight every day for a truly blue state — would be favorable to the deal. They were wrong.

Since the announcement, there has been widespread opposition from activists and progressive leaders across the state. As a response, the party has canceled the event our groups were cosponsoring with them this coming Saturday. Instead, Gov. Cuomo will hold a rally outside Grand Central, coinciding with President Trump’s fundraiser breakfast.

It is clear what is happening. Gov. Cuomo is trying to conceal the anger and outrage his constituents are directing at him over this reckless deal, and turn it into outrage over Trump, riding on the grassroots and progressive energy that our groups have built. We were hoping to work with the state party on this issue; now, it looks like we will have to continue this fight on our own.

Another thing is clear: We will be showing up. Wherever Gov. Cuomo goes, wherever he decides to hold his rally next, we will be there to let him know what we really think about his deal with the IDC, and while we’re at it, about his governorship too. The federal government under the current administration is in crisis, and we don’t have time for these machinations.

Gov. Cuomo: You cannot hide!

Please join us to say NO DEALS WITH IDC, and stay tuned about upcoming actions on our Facebook event page:

We use the Indivisible Guide to defend New York against the Trump administration and those in our state government that enable its harmful policies.

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