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Letter to Senator Schumer: The DREAM Act Defends Us All From White Supremacy

January 27, 2018

The clock is ticking. If we don’t solve this problem in fourteen days, the Republicans are going to have to explain to Dreamers what their plan is to prevent them from being deported. — Senator Schumer, January 24, 2018

Dear Senator Schumer:

Democrats also have to explain why they voted to reopen the government with a bill that didn’t include the DREAM Act. Dreamers need immediate relief, not the fast track into the Trump deportation machine.

The White House’s plan that leaked on January 25th is also not the solution. Therefore, we are asking you to:

  • Help pass a clean DREAM Act as soon as possible. Do not wait until after March 5.
  • If the DREAM Act is not passed by February 8, use your leverage and include it in a must-pass bill, like a continuing resolution. Republicans will never pass a fix for DACA as a standalone bill.
  • Trump’s border wall has no place in our country or its budget. Refuse to support funding for it.
  • Do not allow Democrats to be forced to take bad votes on harmful add-ons. Refuse proposed changes in enforcement authority that would allow the government to deport more immigrants, increase the number of ICE agents, end the visa lottery system, and allow for faster deportations and stronger interior enforcement.
  • Support policies that defend family-based immigration. Americans are humanitarians with a fundamental respect for family.

This is an administration that is advancing white supremacy, and we are asking you to lead Democrats to defeat it. Provide a strong check on the Executive Branch and Republicans that refuse to do so. The DREAM Act defends us all from the future they have in mind.

We agree: “protecting the Dreamers is our moral obligation.”


Your constituent

We use the Indivisible Guide to defend New York against the Trump administration and those in our state government that enable its harmful policies.

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