Grassroots Letter to NYC Congressional Delegation Urging Impeachment Inquiry

Dear Representatives Clarke, Engel, Espaillat, Jeffries, Maloney, Meeks, Meng, Nadler, Ocasio-Cortez, Rose, Serrano and Velázquez,

Following Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s testimony yesterday, we join together today to express our deep concern that the New York City Congressional delegation is not united in its support for an impeachment inquiry into abuses of power and apparent crimes by President Donald J. Trump.

While we thank those of you who have taken a public stance in favor of launching an impeachment inquiry- including Representatives Clarke, Espaillat, Maloney, Ocasio-Cortez and Velázquez — we believe that today you must unite in your support for the use of the full scope of the Judiciary Committee’s constitutional power to hold the President accountable.

Representatives Engel, Jeffries, Meeks, Meng, Nadler, Rose and Serrano — it is time for you to join your colleagues and proclaim your public support for Congress to exercise its constitutional obligation to hold President Trump accountable. It is time to launch an impeachment inquiry into President Donald J. Trump.

For months, we’ve been asked to wait — wait for the Mueller report, wait for testimony about the Mueller report, wait for Mueller’s testimony about the Mueller report, wait for bipartisan consensus, wait for impeachment to poll better.

Yesterday’s testimony once again made it clear: the time to wait is over. With 10 distinct episodes of obstruction of justice already documented in the Mueller report and now in his public testimony, human rights abuses being uncovered with alarming regularity, continuing violations of the emoluments clause and the Trump administration defying subpoenas for both documents and testimony on a range of issues, waiting is not the answer.

New Yorkers worked hard to help Democrats win back the House, traveling to districts from Riverhead to Staten Island to the Hudson Valley, and even to New Jersey and Pennsylvania and beyond, to knock on doors and tell our fellow citizens that a vote for a Democrat was a vote for holding the Trump administration accountable. No matter what Speaker Pelosi may conclude, New Yorkers deserve Congressional leaders willing to do just that.

We need you to do your constitutional duty to rein in the Trump administration and defend our communities. We understand the political risks, and we make a commitment to you: if you take this step, we will be there to support you through any fallout you may face.

In the very near future, the Trump era will be one that evokes the question — what did you do to protect American democracy from corruption and authoritarianism? We know we are doing our part. We urge you to do the same, to use your power to lead and present a unified front on behalf of the New York Congressional delegation.

The time to launch an impeachment inquiry is now.


The NYC Coalition to Impeach

Empire State Indivisible

Indivisible Nation BK

By the People

Four Freedoms Democratic Club

Indivisible Activate NYC

Indivisible Brooklyn

Indivisible Harlem

Rise and Resist

Common Defense

Indivisible Harlem

True Blue NY

Persist NY

Indivisible Upper East Side

NYCD16 Indivisible

One Queens Indivisible

Inwood Indivisible

To Do List Indivisible

Fight Back Bay Ridge

Northwest Bronx Indivisible

Indivisible New Rochelle

Join the NYC coalition to impeach:

We use the Indivisible Guide to defend New York against the Trump administration and those in our state government that enable its harmful policies.

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