Empire State Indivisible Joins Forces with Groups from Tennessee to Protest Rep. Marsha Blackburn at Manhattan Fundraiser

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A still from the protest.

NEW YORK, NY, December 11, 2017 — U.S. Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R, TN-07) held a Senate campaign fundraising event today in midtown Manhattan that was met by protesters from New York-based Indivisible groups that gathered in support of her Tennessee constituents.

Blackburn has had an 8-term career in the House, but rarely meets publicly with constituents. Members of Tennessee-based Indivisible groups are appalled by her contempt for public service, her open support of President Trump’s policies and her campaign to fill the Senate seat left by departing Senator Bob Corker. The discovery of today’s fundraiser presented an opportunity to enlist help from Empire State Indivisible in New York City.

Courtenay Rogers, a constituent of Rep. Blackburn, said, “Marsha Blackburn does not serve her constituents. She has made it quite clear that she only serves the GOP and President Trump. In 2018, we’ll join with our fellow Tennesseans to send Marsha Blackburn a message: spending more time with out-of-state donors than constituents is unacceptable. We deserve better.”

Indivisible East Tennessee initiated the protest. They said coordinated protests at Blackburn’s campaign events will continue throughout 2018. The connection between Indivisible members from Tennessee’s 7th Congressional district, which includes Franklin, Brentwood, and Clarksville, and groups in New York, is evidence of the solidarity that exists across borders between members of the Indivisible movement.

Outside of Manhattan’s 21 Club, where the cost per plate started at $1000, were bold messages to Rep. Blackburn such as FRANKLIN, TN IS WATCHING, BIG DONORS ARE NOT CONSTITUENTS, and OH MARSHA, TENNESSEE IS 14 HOURS SOUTH.

“We are compelled to resist with any Indivisible groups who ask for a hand,” said a member of Empire State Indivisible. “Our group has had New York Congressional staffers audibly groan when they hear Rep. Blackburn’s name. Rep. Blackburn’s work on the Energy & Commerce Committee is leaving a wicked legacy that affects New Yorkers as well.”

Both Indivisible groups have been working since the election to defend their respective communities against the harmful agenda coming from members of Congress like Blackburn. Groups are committed to asserting their constituent power by communicating publicly with elected officials, even when private events are their only option. Indivisible groups in Tennessee, New York and beyond will continue to organize together in solidarity in order to hold elected their officials accountable.

We use the Indivisible Guide to defend New York against the Trump administration and those in our state government that enable its harmful policies.

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