A Candidate Conceded But A Movement Grew

By Danielle Brecker, Co-lead Organizer of Empire State Indivisible

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Earlier this week, Queens District Attorney candidate Tiffany Cabán conceded the democratic primary to Melinda Katz. While the result is disappointing, it’s even more concerning after having witnessed the failures of our democracy at work through the recount process. The invalidation of thousands of affidavit votes was wrong and a result of a highly politicized and a machine dominated system.

But we will change that. And last night was far from the end … a candidate conceded but a movement grew and progressed and a community was built and emboldened.

Ive had the feeling many times during the campaign, the recount, and last night that this was not just volunteers coming together for candidate but the creation of a community. A community of progressive electeds + the marginalized and underserved + activists including relatively new ones and those who have been fighting forever + all the many diverse people that truly represent Queens and our country. A community forged in a movement may have some losses but will ultimately be impossible to defeat.

From the song Future Love Paradise by Seal,

“But if only you could see them

You would know from their faces

There were kings and queens

Followed by princes and princesses

There were future power people

From the loved to the loveless

Shining a light ’cause they wanted it seen

Well there were cries of why

Followed by cries of why not

Can I

Reach out for you if that feels good to me

And the riders will not stop us

’Cause the only love they’ll find is paradise”


We use the Indivisible Guide to defend New York against the Trump administration and those in our state government that enable its harmful policies.

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