By Ricky Silver, Co-lead Organizer at Empire State Indivisible

For four years, our country has been under constant assault from the Trump administration. And for most of 2020, our country has been rudderless as we’ve been tackling a global pandemic which continues to wage psychological, economic, and physical trauma on…

By Kellie Leeson, Co-lead Organizer at Empire State Indivisible

if clannishness had not been brushed down
and trotted out yet again;
if your banding together,
your sharing and solidarity,
had not been bludgeoned apart,
your home not burgled, and the sick
in their beds not loathed
and left to heal themselves
would I be so at one with…

By Kellie Leeson, Co-lead Organizer of Empire State Indivisible

Last Sunday while talking on the phone with a friend she asked, knowing I live alone, if I felt lonely. I was not lonely — I was angry, and that was even before the tragic death of George Floyd. …


Contact: Ricky Silver | | 610–220–6110

New York, NY — Today, Empire State Indivisible announced their first slate of 2020 endorsements throwing their support behind progressive candidates who are standing up to confront the traditional power dynamics in the Democratic party. As part…

Empire State Indivisible

We use the Indivisible Guide to defend New York against the Trump administration and those in our state government that enable its harmful policies.

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