11/30 Statement: New York-based Indivisible Groups on the Cancellation of the Stand Indivisible for a Truly Blue New York Rally

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**For Immediate Release**

November 30, 2017

Empire State Indivisible, Indivisible Nation BK, Indivisible Brooklyn, and Indivisible Harlem released the following statement:

NEW YORK AND BROOKLYN — “In response to President Trump’s scheduled fundraiser breakfast in New York on December 2nd, we planned to rally at the nearby Hilton. Our objective was to co-host a defiant and righteous event where grassroots activists across the state would speak out together alongside Democratic Party leaders.

“We intended to take a public and vocal stand against the President’s agenda and, as so many Democratic officials have already done, condemn how members of the Independent Democratic Conference (IDC) openly support Republican power in our state Senate.

“On Monday, however, the Democratic Party leadership announced a surprise proposal to reunify the Democratic conference by offering the IDC a co-leadership role. We found their proposal totally unacceptable.

“On Tuesday, Party officials changed the agenda for the event, moving the time to 9am and shifting the venue. They released a ‘simple message’ to anyone who’d have it: ‘Take your voice directly to Trump,’ they wrote — and away from Governor Cuomo and the IDC.

“By Wednesday, as the onslaught of boos grew to a fever pitch, it became clear that the Party’s organizers no longer intend to show up for their own event, hoping that everyone will just forget about this catastrophe altogether.

“The Governor is making the situation worse for himself with a poorly executed game of smoke and mirrors. If the intention is to show the President how united we are, why take such extraordinary measures to avoid informed constituents like us?

“We’ve kept our position consistent against a deal that supports the IDC, but it’s not clear what the state Democratic Party stands for. What does the Governor really intend to do?

“Our groups will be the first in line to shout down the President the next time he sets foot in New York. We also won’t mince words for the Governor.

“Which Democratic Governor in the Age of Trump is scared to attend his own rally? Andrew Cuomo.

“There is simply too much at stake for this kind of gamesmanship, and the Governor does not have permission to co-opt the time and energy of the Indivisible movement.

“As a result, we are cancelling our event on Saturday, December 2nd. We will host our own event in the future and will continue to advocate for No Deal, No IDC.

“The Governor’s actions remain a cause for disappointment, condemnation, and protest, and New Yorkers have much higher expectations for the state’s top Democrats. There will be no change in our demand for a truly blue New York and for Democratic Party officials that stick up for their constituents by skillfully defending our state during a time of national crisis.”

We use the Indivisible Guide to defend New York against the Trump administration and those in our state government that enable its harmful policies.

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